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Detecting COVID19 – A new test can detect COVID19 using swab samples from cellphone screens.

 Early detection and immediate treatment of a COVID19 infection reduces the risk of complications and ensures a quick recovery. Presence of a virus from swabs taken from a person’s smartphone. With this new detection method, samples are not taken from the person’s nose or throat, as is usually done with RTPCR and Rapid Antigen, but from the screen. The recently discovered method of Telephone Screening Testing (PoST) is non-invasive, costs less, and is just as accurate as other methods of detecting the presence of the virus in a person’s airways. Various studies have repeatedly shown that millions of viruses and bacteria live in our smartphones. When we bring them into the bathroom, hold them with dirty hands, or place them on a dirty surface, pathogens can.

When we hold the phone and then use the same hands to touch our mouth, nose or eyes, the invisible microorganism invades our organs. Likewise, in the case of the coronavirus, when people cough, sneeze or speak, the droplets they emit, which carry pathogens, are deposited on the surfaces around them. The new study by scientists explains that a person infected with the coronavirus can be identified both on the screen of their cell phone and on the personal items we carry throughout the day.In this test method, swabs such as those used for nasopharyngeal sampling are used to take samples from the phone screen, then immerse them in a salt water solution and subject them to a regular PCR test.

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