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COVID Fingernails Could Be A Sign You Had COVID: How

To Know How to Tell It Over the past year, we have encountered many unusual symptoms of the virus, some of which can appear long after you recover from the viral infection. Like hair loss, there can be many symptoms that occur after COVID-19. Now, some experts have pointed out evidence of a symptom that can appear on the nails after recovery from the disease. Recovery from the corona virus may take some time. and there could be many persistent symptoms that last for weeks after testing negative. Some say some of the symptoms could be “residual side effects” or just a way the body copes with a viral infection of this magnitude. When people first discover this unusual side effect of COVID, there is a medical term for the manifestation of the nail bed known as “beau lines”. Now what joins Beau’s lines to attack when you have COVID-19 is clearly unknown, Expert, We believe that extreme stress or a disease affecting the overall health of the body can affect the nails very well.

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