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Coronavirus: what if you get sick after a full vaccination? Should you get tested?

Vaccination against the coronavirus offers a feeling of security in several ways. However, it is not a complete solution to our pandemic problems. As useful as COVID vaccines. Currently, they don’t work as anti-COVID drugs, and the newer varieties of concerns that are spreading may also lower vaccine effectiveness rates. Therefore, there is a high probability that you can and therefore not get infected with the coronavirus after vaccination. Although COVID19 is a real cause for concern as some of the symptoms could overlap with infections and the side effects of vaccination, what needs to be analyzed is now the occurrence of these symptoms and their duration. Start hours after vaccination and subside in a maximum of 34 days.

On the flip side, COVID infections can start with respiratory symptoms, cause widespread inflammation, and Spre infection is also more likely to occur if you’ve likely been exposed to some exposure or moved to a high-risk location. Since we are still living in a time when the pandemic is not only active but the risks are more severe, it is not advisable to lightly treat the symptoms of COVID or not COVID19. For any potential COVID risk, get a COVID test as soon as possible to avoid problems with a late diagnosis.

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