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Coronavirus: What do we know about the possible third wave of COVID19?

The second wave of the coronavirus hit the country, causing massive devastation and death. While we’re not out of the woods just yet, there have been tons of reports of an impending third wave of COVID that could be just as intense and put pressure on healthcare resources. While there is usually a time interval of 1516 weeks between two waves of an epidemic, it was previously assumed that the second wave of the coronavirus, which peaked in the first weeks of May, would be followed by the third wave of the virus, around August through September.

The second wave of coronavirus saw many pediatric COVID19 cases causing infections in children who were previously thought to be less affected. The nature of the infections and the increase in cases led many to believe that after the older, youngest, and healthiest people, the next wave would be very harmful to children. since there is no scientific evidence for it.

According to experts, the third wave, which is dangerous for children or is more affected, has no scientific basis and is based on speculative questions. When mutants emerge, the virus gets additions to its spike proteins, allowing it to easily defeat some of the antibody’s defenses and launch devastating attacks. Current COVID19 vaccines have also been shown to be “less effective” against mutant strains, including the Delta variant. Many also believe that the Delta plus variant, which carries the genetic code for the Delta variant and the Beta variant, could also render vaccines ineffective.

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