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Coronavirus Vaccines: Will COVID-19 Nasal Vaccines Work?

Here’s Everything You Need to Know On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the Indian crowds, talking about the government’s various plans to fight the deadly virus. He also said research is being conducted into developing nasal vaccines as an alternative to intramuscular vaccines, which he believes could boost India’s anti-COVID vaccination campaign.

The intranasal vaccine is how it works and the drawbacks to be aware of, unlike injection vaccines, which are injected into the skin with the help of injections (needles), nasal vaccines are usually sprayed into the nostrils. be done with the help of a needleless syringe, nasal spray, liquid medicine or special spray. Although the virus usually gets into your body through your nose, the vaccine intercepts the virus and causes your immune system to make proteins in your blood and nose to fight the virus. This also prevents the virus from multiplying.

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