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Coronavirus Vaccine: Useful Exercises To Relieve Arm Pain After COVID19 Vaccine

While most of the symptoms people face after vaccination are basic immune responses that trigger an inflammatory response, some symptoms can be bothersome and take time to go away, such as injection site pain and redness. The inflammation can cause pain in the arm (middle deltoid of the arm). Experts say that one of the best ways to relieve arm pain is by activating muscles. Therefore, you should do slow exercises and straighten your arms to recover more quickly.

Here are the exercises to reduce arm pain after vaccination with COVID19: Sit on the side of a table and rest the hand of the sore arm on it. Slowly bend to the side as you push your arm to the side of the table. Return to the starting position. and repeat. Do three sets of 10 repetitions.Raise your arm to the opposite front. Support the shoulder of your arm with the other arm and apply light pressure until you feel a stretch. Take a deep breath and hold for 30 seconds.


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