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Coronavirus Vaccine: Is A COVID Booster Vaccine Needed? What the WHO says?

With the emergence of several new variants of SARsCOV2, health officials are extremely concerned about the effectiveness of the vaccine. The delta variant, which is a possible driving force for the second wave of COVID19, is said to be highly contagious and transmissible, which can also lead to breakthrough infections. In the midst of all this chaos, many wonder whether two doses of vaccine are enough to fight the deadly virus. to find out if a COVID booster is required for people who have received both COVID vaccines and are “fully vaccinated”.

A booster is an additional administration of a vaccine given to people who have received a previous dose. to re-expose a person’s immune system to the immunizing antigen the memory of which (after the previous dose) may have been lost for a period of time. Although mutant strains of COVID only exacerbate the suffering of people and health authorities, the effectiveness of booster vaccines and whether we need them requires adequate research and evidence.

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