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Coronavirus Vaccine: How Side Effects Differ in Younger and Elderly People

According to Studies ,While the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine are not of great concern, it has been observed that the reactogenic effects after injection tend to be different from those of the coronavirus vaccine . from one person to another, as it can happen that one has severe chills and fever while the other experiences almost nothing. The side effects of the vaccination, which are commonly referred to as inflammatory reactions, can also differ according to gender and age. and the type of vaccine you get. For example, younger people are said to experience more severe side effects than older people. Our immune system is said to deteriorate with age and therefore the immune system doesn’t work as hard as it can with age. When a vaccine is injected, the immune cells react quickly, and therefore with age, produce a slower response, or in some ways show milder responses. Ctogenic side effects compared to younger ones.

Clinical data observed in studies on people aged 65 and over support this.
Our immunity, in some ways, peaks when we are young, and it makes younger people too; The immune system can expose them to more severe side effects that can tire and tire them more often than people 65 or older. It has also been observed that younger people who receive the vaccine are likely to experience more severe side effects such as fatigue, low to moderate fever, chills, joint pain, back pain, etc.

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