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Coronavirus: Study Shows COVID-19 Survivors Can Still Be Infected Again From Alpha And Beta Variants.

Found that individuals who produced a weak immune response signature obtained one and six months after infection did not show neutralizing antibodies against the alpha variant and did not produce a neutralizing antibody response against the beta variant. of Oxford, in collaboration with the Universities of Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle and Birmingham, suggests that either symptomatic or asymptomatic infection does not necessarily protect people against Covid19 in the long term, especially against new worrying variants.

“Our study is one of the most comprehensive reports on the immune response after Covid19 in both symptomatic and asymptomatic” said Christina Dold of Oxford University. others after Covid19, with some people from the symptomatic and asymptomatic group showing no signs of immunological memory six months after infection or even earlier, “added Dold.

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