Coronavirus: Single or Double Dose, Which Is Better for Recovered COVID Patients?

Natural immunity begins to build up after a coronavirus infection and builds up defense antibodies that stay at their peak for a while. Immunity is believed to remain at significant levels for up to 90 days (higher in severe cases) and in some cases for life, which explains why someone who has recently recovered from COVID19 may choose a delayed dose ( or two) of vaccines needed.

However, although a person infected with COVID19 gains some level of immunity, there is evidence that a single dose of vaccine above current immunity elicits a good immune response that could be equivalent to the effects of two doses, given to someone with zero history or immunity to coronavirus.

Also, to keep the resources running out, there is more informed research showing that a second dose may not be needed. For example, studies have shown that people exposed to SARSCOV2 produce stronger immune responses with a single injection and tend to have worse responses with second doses.

It has also been shown that the immunity achieved by the first dose, i.e. antibody levels, are usually equal to or higher than those who were not previously infected and who received the double dose.

One of the reasons that patients who have recovered may need a single dose because of the role of memory T-cell and B-cell responses may be better remembered by memory cells. The response to a single dose vaccination was also similar to that of people who received two doses of the vaccine.

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