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Coronavirus: post-vaccination errors that put you at risk of renewed infection.

While the second wave wreaked widespread havoc, the number of people who became infected or re-infected with COVID19 despite being vaccinated also increased. Are partially vaccinated or have received both doses of the vaccine. Since what we have with us are experimental COVID19 vaccines, it must be remembered that they are still subject to some scrutiny and research. a serious risk with the virus that still leaves people susceptible to infection, whether mild or moderate.

The risk of re-infection and contagion also doubles for people with weak immunity who have health conditions that make the vaccine less effective.
With the mutated virus still in full force, the pandemic is not yet over, so compliance with basic preventive measures like face masks and social distancing remains urgent. Vaccination does not guarantee you complete protection, only a preventive method to reduce your risk of infection. Since vaccination will take time across the community, removing your masks may not be the best idea. If you are in a public place with people close by, consider storing your masks. Vaccines offer significant protection when you have a healthy immune system. However, some available evidence suggests that currently approved vaccines may not be as effective or immune potent for those with weak immunity or vulnerable health.

In particular, there are also some health conditions, including cancer and autoimmune diseases, that could make vaccines less effective and less protective. Immune compromised individuals should continue to exercise extra caution and limit their activities if possible as they are at high levels of risk. for COVID infection and severity.

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