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Coronavirus: New Lambda variant discovered in Great Britain; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The new coronavirus has done well and has successfully held its place among us. It has done a lot of damage and continues to do so with the help of its new variants During the impact of the second wave and the threat posed by the threat from the Delta and Delta Plus variants have not yet declined, a new strain of COVID, the Lambda variant, originally discovered in Peru, has been reported in the UK. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: “Viruses are always changing”. due to mutations and new variants of a virus are expected Sometimes new variants appear and disappear Sometimes new variants persist “.

This means that COVID19 also has the potential to change and produce different strains of mutations that originated from the old ones or the original strain are known as COVID mutations or “variants” of the original virus. In contrast to the original strain, mutations n may differ in their ability to infect a person.

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) recently classified the Delta variant as a “variant of concern”, the Indian government stated that its strain does not contain the Delta Variant Plus or AYAccording to official information, the new Delta Plus variant has three properties, namely increased transferability, stronger binding to lung cell receptors and a possibly reduced monoclonal antibody response, which makes it even more worrisome. and dangerous.

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