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Coronavirus: How Long Would Immunity To COVID19 Vaccines Last?

Immunity to Coronavirus Has Many Critical Keys in Our Fight Against the Pandemic Vaccines are not only proving to be a defense against COVID19 but are also very important in enhancing herd immunity across the community which will help reduce coronavirus risk minimize. Most approved vaccines now have good rates of effectiveness and are able to generate strong immune responses against the SARSCOV2 virus.

However, as we can see, vaccine effectiveness rates have decreased as new variants of the virus are discovered. Immunity to the coronavirus can be developed in two ways, through specific exposure to the virus and through infection (i.e., how our bodies fight off infections and develop antibodies) or through the administration of a vaccine that strengthens the system. by mimicking infection and producing antibodies.

Both types of immunities offer similar protection; However, while natural immunity is said to last a different length of time in each individual, vaccine-driven immunity goes further and offers additional levels of protection. those who have already fought the virus are advised to get vaccinated.

The variants of the virus that have been circulating for a few months are feared because of their high infectivity and transmission; It is also believed that mutations in the virus allow it to overcome some of the immune defenses present in the body, reducing the effectiveness and protection of the vaccine. The delta variant, believed to be responsible for the rapidly growing number of cases worldwide today, might be the scariest as it can greatly reduce vaccine-induced immunity. recent wave.

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