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Coronavirus fact check: Can COVID-19 vaccines give you “magnetic” powers?

Here’s the Truth While we are all aware of the vaccine side effects and have learned how to deal with them, so do recent claims of having developed “magnetic” forces after receiving his COVID injection, having developed magnetic forces after receiving his COVID injection. Another Nashik man said that metal objects stuck to his body after he was vaccinated. To prove his point, he also uploaded a video showing plates, spoons and coins on his body. But how much of it is true? Are these claims false and fabricated? To clear things up, the Indian government has released a statement that dispels doubts and breaks myths about it. The Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) GDP fact check revealed that these claims about Covid-19 vaccines that confer super-magnetic powers are “unfounded”.”Vaccines cannot cause a magnetic reaction in the body. Covid-19 vaccines are completely safe and do not contain any metal-based ingredients,” they added to their statement.

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