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Corona virus: Vaccines Are Key Solution To Combat Third Wave Of COVID

According To Experts While the second wave of corona virus has proven troublesome for the country, fears of a third wave fueled by the mutated virus are already exacerbating the review Vaccination Policy Health experts now say that focusing on following appropriate COVID behavior and vaccinating as a priority is the only key to fighting the pandemic. NITI Analog Fellow Dr “It can be stopped if proper Coved behavior is followed and most people get vaccinated.” Paul’s comments came a day after a record 85 laky inoculation was administered across the country by midnight on Monday, with the start of implementation of the revised Covid19 Vaccination Policy, which sees the center sourcing 75 percent of vaccines available in the country for free injections People over the age of 18 He said vaccination numbers on day one show India’s ability to co-vaccinate large-scale for days and weeks.

“All of this was made possible through federal-state planning and coordination and taking on a mission,” said Paul. Explaining the expected third wave of Coved, Paul said, “If a third wave occurs, it’s in our hands.” “Why will there be a third wave if we follow the corresponding Coved behavior and get vaccinated? There are many countries where the second wave hasn’t even arrived. If we follow the appropriate Coved behavior, this deadline will pass, “says a statement by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Mohawk), in which Paul is quoted.

Paul recalled that “there may be a third wave, if the proper Coved behavior is followed, and the“Most people will be vaccinated. ”NITI member Analog emphasized the importance of vaccination quickly so that India can open up its economy and that return to normal work, stressing that vaccination quickly is the key to returning to normal. “Our social life, open schools, shops, take care of our economy; we can only do all of this if we are vaccinated quickly “said Paul.


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