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Corona virus Vaccine: Why Does Your Arm Hurt After COVID-19 Vaccine?

Given the devastation caused by the second wave of corona virus, it is reasonable to be prepared for a possible third wave. On the escape into the mountains, another devastating phase seems to be avoided only through mass vaccinations. Amid all the chaos surrounding the vaccine shortage, while some are relieved to have received the COVID injection, there are many who are still hesitant.

Side effects and cases of side effects that people are still trying to get vaccinated. Arm pain is one of the most common side effects reported by people who received their COVID vaccination. Although it is a mild reaction to the vaccination, many still wonder what causes arm pain and what should they do to get rid of it. Experts suspect that arm pain is the result of your body’s immune response to the problem. If you notice a side effect of a vaccine, it means your immunity is at stake and its working as it’s supposed to.

Vaccines are mimicked by the virus, so when injected into the body, the immune system reacts and tries to protect the body from the pathogen. This in turn leads to different reactions. Since COVID vaccines are given through intramuscular injections, I. H. injected directly into the muscles, the vaccine causes inflammation at the injection site. In addition, the pain can also be attributed to the injection injury.

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