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Corona virus Vaccine: When Can We Expect Pfizer and Modern COVID Vaccines to Arrive In India?

With three COVID19 vaccines approved for use, government agencies are now in talks with overseas vaccine manufacturers to enter the Indian market and facilitate the intensification of vaccination campaigns. Pfizer Biotech and Modern’s COVID19 mRNA vaccines, some of the most popular and sought-after in the world, are expected to arrive in India.

To enable the sale and use of foreign vaccine manufacturers in India, which is a huge step in stepping up vaccination campaigns in India and immunizing the maximum population against the corona virus Pfizer and Modern, leading the way with their innovative mRNA vaccines, it is now going to Be allowed to enter the Indian market after officials lifted the rule that requires vaccine testing, which means any foreign vaccine approved for use can apply for approval in India without undergoing further testing and undergo reviews. Following the revised VAT Directive, the central government and companies are working closely together to enable a sale at the earliest possible point in time.

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