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Confused Between COVID-19 and Allergy? How to differentiate

The coronavirus has completely changed our lives. Although times have been really tough, people have become more aware of their physical and mental health. Along with awareness, there is a lot of confusion. A common misconception that still lingers concerns symptoms of the coronavirus. Illnesses like the flu and allergies have similar symptoms and are therefore often confused with the coronavirus. How to tell the difference between COVID-19 and allergies. when the body becomes infected with the SARS-CoV-2 strain of the virus, a highly contagious disease that affects the human respiratory tract.It can be spread through the air and through body contact. This is a type of reaction that occurs in response to the immune system’s contact with a foreign substance. It is also called hay fever. It cannot be passed from one person to another as different people can be allergic. on different substances. The most common types of allergies are nuts, pollen, and dust. Fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, fever, and loss of smell and taste are common symptoms of a COVID-19 infection.

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