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Cardiac arrest: warning signs to look out for and emergency measures

On Wednesday, actress Mandira Bedi suffered an unfortunate event when her husband Raj Kaushal suffered cardiac arrest and died at the age of 49.
Just recently, 29-year-old Danish footballer Christian Eriksen fell face down during his country’s game against Finland at UEFA Euro 2020. When the soccer star lay motionless, the medical team performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). ) on the field before he was hospitalized, it was later confirmed that the footballer had suffered cardiac arrest.

The two facts just make it clear that anyone, young or old, can suffer cardiac arrest, which is why we wonder how we can guarantee the safety of ourselves and our loved ones in cardiac arrest and also be alert and able enough to respond accurately. Cardiac arrest is one of the most common heart diseases that can be life threatening if not addressed in a timely manner. It is when the heart suddenly stops beating. The heartbeat is controlled by electrical impulses, when these impulses change pattern the heartbeat can become irregular, resulting in a condition of arrhythmia. When the heart rhythm stops, cardiac arrest occurs, which means the heart stops beating.

According to Dr.Ameya Udyavar, consultant cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist at the P.D. Hinduja Hospital and MRC, a distinction must be made between cardiac arrest and heart attack. “Cardiac arrest is when the heartbeat can be very fast or slow and the heart stops pumping. This is known as cardiac arrest, which is an emergency as opposed to a heart attack. A heart attack is different when there is a lack of care”. he says.

Dr. Udyavar discusses the two very important warning signs of cardiac arrest which are “fainting attacks” and “persistent chest pain”.

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