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Black Fungus – Dutch Kit Can Help Detect Mucormycosis in 24-48

Hours Early Diagnosis Leads to Proper Treatment and Care Dr. K Bhujang Shetty, President of Narayan Nethralaya, Bangalore, and the team have developed a quick fix for black fungus called the Dutch Kit. Dr. Shetty explains that the Dutch kit corresponds to an RT-PCR test for COVID-19. Speaking of black mushrooms, there is a quick tool that can help with early detection and, therefore, treatment of the infection.

Currently, it can take up to 10-15 days for the black mushroom test report to be confirmed because mushrooms must be grown in the laboratory before the exact group is known. As the name suggests, the kit was imported from the Netherlands. The test kits detect a fungal infection in 24 to 48 hours.

For the test, the patient’s blood sample and the lesion sample are taken. There are 5 main types of black mushroom and all of them can be easily recognized and distinguished with this kit.

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