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Anxiety Disorder Symptoms: Do you have digital eye strain? Here’s what you can do about it: Has your screen time increased? Does?the number of eye performance increase and does it contribute to eye strain?

You’re not alone with this: A recent survey found that 80 percent of people say the pandemic is adding to screen time and eye fatigue. Almost a quarter of people say their eyes feel worse now than they did a year ago. Some have also reported experiencing some level of eye discomfort every day. With all of this data, it is obvious that we all urgently need to take care of our eyes. Digital detox, where you don’t look at the screen for a while, is a great way to take some strain off your eyes.There are other ways to relieve your eyesight than looking away from the screen. Digital eye strain is caused by prolonged and frequent use of the screen. As a result, we are exposed to the blue light from the screens.

Common symptoms of eye strain are blurred vision, headache, dry, sore, and watery eyes. Even when someone sees perfectly, too much screen time can be eye fatiguing. To reduce the effects of blue light, doctors recommend a computer lens or blue light. Reducing anti-reflective coating on the lenses, which can help reduce exposure to blue light.If you are not wearing prescription glasses, you can wear prescription glasses with blue light reduction.

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