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A leading dentist shares why more people want to whiten their teeth during a pandemic (and healthy ways to do it at home)

I was surprised when I started receiving calls from my patients during lockdown last year that we needed to work on our smiles. It was fascinating that in the middle of imprisonment, when people are afraid to go to a dental clinic, even in pain, how upset you can be about how you look! Well, when asked, I found out how teeth and smiles are most noticeable on zoom calls and honestly I wasn’t too happy with the pressure on young entrepreneurs to work on their smiles in the middle of a pandemic, but as an architect by smiles I had to deliver what my patients wanted. Not bad, there were no more wardrobes to display. The smile is the only first impression in all interviews, said one patient who presents for an interview with an MNC.

He said that in good times people have so many ways to impress. S your bosses when it comes to clothes / shoes / watches or even cars. Now it’s only face value and the most important aspect is the smile. When this is the need, we at Dented are there to always meet. The quick and easy way to shiny teeth. When captivity and working from home brought several new problems. There were some positives to it too and that was flexibility, especially when it comes to timing.

People definitely had extra time, so why not use it for dental health? I have always firmly believed that beautiful teeth and healthy teeth go hand in hand, when teeth are beautiful they are healthy, and vice versa, snacking between meals is something we are all looking forward to, it can both be in your favor . or against your health Personally, I believe in small, frequent meals, it improves your health a lot, but we just have to choose the snacks carefully.

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