Double Murder At Gianni Versace’s Mansion Where The Designer Was Murdered 24 Years Ago

The cold murder of renowned Italian designer Gianni Versace in front of his Versace Mansion had shaken the fashion industry to its core. After 24 years, two men have been found dead at the former Versace Mansion in South Florida. The incident took place a day prior to Gianni Versace’s death anniversary which falls on July 15, which led to speculations of the cases being connected.

Two found dead at the former Versace Mansion

The two men who were found dead hailed from Pennsylvania and New Jersey and aged 30 and 31. Their bodies were found in the hotel The Villa Casa Casuarina by the housekeeping staff at around 1:20 pm. The initial investigation conducted revealed that the deaths are caused by double suicide as stated by Miami Beach police spokesman Officer Ernesto Rodriguez. Speculations rose after the deaths of the men collided with the death anniversary of the famous Italian designer and owner of the former Versace mansion Gianni Versace. However, reports from the Miami police did not indicate the possibilities of the 24 yeas apart cases being connected.

Founder of Gianni Versace died at the age of 50 after he was shot at point-blank range by a spree killer in 1997. The designer returned from his morning walk on Ocean Drive and was climbing the stairs of his mansion when the spree killer named Andrew Cunanan shot him in the head. He was subsequently pronounced dead at the hospital. The killer committed suicide eight days later killing Versace. Following an investigation, the police could not reveal the killer’s definite motives.

Gianni Versace is survived through his sister Donatella Versace who also inherited a portion of the luxury fashion brand Versace. Though the 66-year-old sold the company to Capri Holdings in 2018, she maintained her position in the company as the Chief Creative Officer. After a rocky start in the company, Donatella Versace proved her place at the multi-million dollar company. At the time of Gianni’s death in the late 90s, his empire had amassed a net worth of over $800 million dollars. 24 years years, the brand value of Versace stands at $5 billion dollars.

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