Vikas Gupta says he dated Pratyusha Banerjee and she knew about his Bisexuality

TV producer and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Vikas Gupta has revealed that he dated late actor Pratyusha Banerjee for a while. He said that she found out about his bisexuality after they had broken up.

In the recent interview with the leading daily, Vikas Gupta spilled details on his family’s reaction relationship with late actress Pratyusha Banerjee.  He said only two women that he has ever dated, have known about his sexual orientation. While one was Pratyusha, he refused to name the second person.

Vikas firstly mentioned his family’s reaction. He said, “I think my mom got an idea in 2015 when Parth Samthaan filed fake cases against me. But they did not want me to go public, primarily because my sister was married in Rajkot to a very orthodox family. You see, it was all about log kya kahenge. The very fact that i was not invited to my brother’s birthday party which my mother attended was proof enough that they did not want to associate with me because they feel ashamed about the person I am.” Later he added, “ Pratyusha got to know about it after we broke up. We were together for a short span. The breakup reason would be that some people spoke bad about me to her. But i don’t want to get into the details as she is no more. I was very angry with her after the breakup. I avoided her when i saw her on the road once. She called me to ask how could i do that. I liked Prtyusha. I wanted to do a big project with her. Alas!”.

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