Tom Hiddleston show introduces new supervillain in cliffhanger finale

The multiverse has finally opened in Marvel Cinematic Universe, and things are not going to remain same with timelines getting messed up. The finale of Loki was as decisive as fans had expected, and its events are going to have a ripple effect on everything that lies ahead in the MCU.

Loki episode 5 ended with the two Variants defeating Alioth in The Void, and standing hand-in-hand as a single entity, at the helm of the Citadel. We knew that the fort-like structure at the End of Time belonged to the mastermind who runs the TVA. But who emerges out of it, was the trigger point of its finale.

Loki episode 6, also its finale, begins with the two Lokis crossing a portal that houses an asteroid with the Citadel at its centre. Once they enter, they are welcomed by Miss Minutes who congratulates them for completing their long journey. She offers them a deal to go back to their respective lives with everything they’ve longed for, or have lost in their lives.

She promises Loki a win in the Battle of New York, defeat of Thanos and throne of Asgard, with Infinity Gauntlet thrown in. Sylvie gets to lead a peaceful life around people she can trust and love. But, for this, the two need to let go of their plan to destroy the TVA and reveal its truth. After a moment of emotional rush, Loki and Sylvie decline, and proceed to meet the main man behind the Time Variance Authority.

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