Tanishaa reveals how her ‘amazing’ family feels about her being unmarried

She is the daughter of veteran actor Tanuja and the younger sister of actor Kajol. Her father was late Bollywood filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee.

Speaking to Zoom, Tanishaa said that she has been blessed with an ‘amazing family’. “No, never from my family. My family is amazing. Because I have this wonderful life today. I am very blessed and I have an amazing life so I don’t think of it like that,” she said.

In a recent interview with a leading daily, Tanishaa spoke about getting her eggs frozen at 39. “At that time, when I went to my doctor (who finally froze my eggs now)… it is funny but she stopped me from doing so at that time. While she told me it takes a toll on your body, she advised I should do it when I have no hope of conceiving a baby. It’s a personal choice. And today, it is perfectly ok to not have children. Adopt, there’s enough in this world. More people need to go out and talk about this. It’s ok for women to not have children. That’s not the only calling in your life. It’s ok to not get married, not be in a relationship and not define yourself with a man beside you,” she said.

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