Salman Khan Laughs At Trolls Claiming He Has a Wife

Arbaaz Khan is back with the second season of his talk show, Pinch and on the first episode he invited his brother and Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan. During the chat show, Salman Khan responded to several trolls, but there was one bizarre claim which left him shocked

During the show, Arbaaz Khan revealed that a social media user claims that Salman has a wife named Noor and a 17-year-old daughter in Dubai and that the actor is hiding the same from his fans in India. To this, Salman laughed and said that all such claims are nonsense. “These people are well-informed. Yeh bifizool ki baatein hai (This is nonsense). I don’t know who they are talking about. Do they think that I’ll respond to them saying that I don’t have a wife, I live in Hindustan, in Galaxy Apartments, with my father living above me? This is something that everyone in India knows,” Salman Khan said.

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