Legendary actor Sanjeev Kumar gets his first biography 36 years after his death

Harper Collins recently acquired the much-awaited and first-ever biography of two-time national award-winning actor Sanjeev Kumar.

Speaking about the book, HarperCollins Publisher Krishan Chopra said, “Sanjeev Kumar has always been an enigma–just what explains that superb ability to emote effortlessly and move the viewer, what drove him, did he love and was loved or did he die of a broken heart and just how he continued in a busy career despite a serious health issue. Reeta Gupta’s biography promises to show Sanjeev Kumar as he really was. It will be an outstanding biography.”

he book takes the reader on a comprehensive journey from Sanjeev Kumar Sahab’s birth to his struggles, his dedication to cinema and stagecraft and the virtuosity of the vices he felt compelled to indulge in. The reader will come face to face with the actor’s family and the intimate friends who loved him. Many people who have contributed to the book are not from the world of cinema, so they saw him as a human being. It also delves into his routines, habits, strengths, weaknesses, and how they played out in his decision-making. Hopefully, we can provide a portrait sketched in words rather than colours.

Fans of Sanjeev Kumar all over the world are sure to watch out.

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