Kangana Ranaut claims yoga helped mother avoid heart surgery

Actor Kangana Ranaut celebrated Father’s Day with an emotional Instagram post, and also shared an anecdote ahead of International Yoga Day on Monday.

Sharing her Father’s Day post, she wrote, “A father does not get enough credit for his contributions.” She added, “Mother asked Papa to make us do everything that needed discipline/hardships/ambition, he taught us how to read/write, he took us to doctors for injections, every time mom wanted to say no or scold us she did through Papa cause we won’t listen to her so he played the villain happily.”

She ended her post with, “Thank you Papa for your selfless love.”

Ahead of International Yoga Today, Kangana claimed yoga had helped to cure her mother of several health troubles. Apparently, her mother was recommended open heart surgery, but Kangana said yoga helped her. She wrote, “Tomorrow is International Yoga Day.  I am gonna share my Yoga stories, every one knows how and when I started yoga but no one knows how I got my whole family to learn and follow this boon and blessing called Yoga. Some resisted, some took time, few years ago Mother was diagnosed with diabetes , thyroid and high level of cholesterol(600) doctor said we need to do an open heart surgery for her cause there might be blockage.”

She further added, “I told mother with tears in my eyes give me 2 months of your life please I can’t let them open your heart, she trusted me and eventually I succeeded in my persistent pursuit today she has no meditation, no illness she is healthiest and fittest in the family, with excessive walking Papa had damaged his knees that time I got an opportunity and converted him to an ardent practitioner of Yoga, he even jogs now, today I can say with proud that biggest gift that I gave to my family is Yoga.”

Kangana concluded her post with, “A happy family is not something you get automatically you need to work hard for it. Every morning I call them and ask only one question,Yoga kiya!! today they sent these pictures to me from this morning practice in their house in Mandi ( Himachal) How are you investing in your family.”

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