Is Netflix’s ‘SKATER GIRL’ based on a true story?

Netflix’s Skater girl has been making headlines for its unique premise and innovative topic. The movie is about the journey of a girl and her skateboarding dream in India. But is Skater Girl a true story.

The makers of the movie, Skater Girl said that the movie is a fictional work of art and that they have drawn inspiration from many Indian girls skateboarding stories. The director of the movie was partly inspired by the viral video of a child skateboarding in MP. She did an internet search of such videos and that began the journey of Skater Girl.

However, Asha Gond od MP’s  Janwar village, who is a skateboarder, has claimed that the story of Netflix’s Skater Girl is inspired by her real life story.

She also said that the things that are shown in the trailers of the film SKATER GIRL have actually happened with her.

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