FRIEND’S Reunion breaks viewership records in UK

Friends as a show had been loved by a number of people worldwide and thus when the cast reunited for one special episode, it created major hype. The show came back after several years for a special reunion based episode.

The pandemic had delayed the friends reunion by almost a year and thus when it finally aired fans were delighted. In the UK alone, friends broke several records becoming one of the most watched episode. According to the Screen Rant, a viewership of over 8 million was recorded in the UK for the final episode of friends. Thus when the reunion aired, the results were similar. According to the same source, Friends: Reunion became one of the most watched shows on the Sky one ever. Sky one was the streaming partner in the UK, and they revealed that the reunion episode of Friends went on to amass a total viewership of over 5 Million people.

They also added that it became Sky’s biggest programof the last two years. This meant that only Game

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