Popular TV actress Divyanka Tripathi shared two photos of herself in the gym. She wrote,“Famous Indian Mosquitoes were my alarm clock today. Hope you all had a better night?! #GoodMorning.”

As per the comment one follower wrote, “Using the term Indian Mosquitoes sounds very derogatory to the country. I am a big fan of yours but don’t appreciate the coined term.”

To which Divyanka Tripathi replied, “I’m in India. These mosquitoes are in India. I’m a famous Indian. Those mosquitoes can be famous too. Why this bias between humans and insects? Tch tch! (Above caption was meant to be funny). If you are being serious, then on a serious note – Let’s become mature and real instead of being uber-sensitive Indians & let’s better call a spade a spade.”

She further added, “Bharat mein, mere ghar ke baaju mein open naala hai aur yahan macchhar hain! Aur yeh sach hai! Amazon ke jungle mein bhi macchhar hain… Yeh boloon to kya Amazon waasiyon ko bura lagna chaiye? Come on chhoti chhoti baaton pe serious mat ho! Bade bade masle bhi hain hamare aas paas! (In India, outside my house there is a ditch and there are mosquitoes, which is a fact. The Amazon jungles also have mosquitoes and if I say so, will the residents there feel offended. Come on, stop being serious on such lame things. There are bigger issues to deal with).”

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