BTS’s Suga teases J-Hope

On Run BTS Episode 144, the boys laughed about Army’s obsession with their dance moves from the song Silver Spoon (Baepsea). For the unversed, in the song BTS had ventured forth to do some hip thrusts, which of course had gotten the fans quite excited. Suga teased J-hope, saying that the Army (what BTS fans call themselves) loved it and that he was very proud of his movements.

When talking about the songs to be performed live, Suga mentioned Silver Spoon, saying, “They [fans] just want to see Hope’s hip thrusts.” Hearing this, Jimin and Jungkook playfully squabbled over this. Jimin added he had some good moves and Jungkook did well too.

Fans couldn’t stop laughing over the episode, sharing quotes from the show, saying that their desires had ‘been exposed’. “Run BTS ep 144. Suga said why ARMYs vote Baepsae is because they want to see jhope’s hip thrusts. Then, Jimin said he’s hips worked hard too ang Jungkook’s hips did a great job also. Yes we want to see it again!” One wrote.

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