BTS Jimin Tops K-Pop Male Idols Brand Reputation Rankings For 31st Consecutive Month

BTS is globally loved and its members never fail to rule social media. Once again, it’s BTS Jimin winning hearts online after he topped the K-Pop Male Idols Brand Reputation Rankings for the 31st month in a row.

Yes, this is for the 31’s consecutive month that BTS Jimin is ruling the brand reputation ranking. For the inundated, it is an index that analysis the consumers’ online habits and finds out what impacts brand consumption. It also discovers the influence of a K-pop idol and media or fans’ interest in the same. While Jimin is on the top of the list, BTS V is the third most popular male idol for July 2021, while Jungkook is on the fifth spot. BTS Jin, RM, Suga and J-Hope are also in the list at sixth, eighth, ninth, and sixteenth spot respectively.

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