Actor Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday said the name of the country should be changed from India to Bharat.

The actor took to her Koo account and said that the country will never progress if it continues to be another replica of the western world. She wrote, “India can only rise if it’s rooted in its ancient spirituality and wisdom, that is the soul of our great civilisation. World will look up to us and we will emerge as a world leader if we go higher in urban growth but not be cheap copy of western world and remain deeply rooted in Vedas, Geeta and Yoga, can we please change this slave name India back to Bharat.” She shared the screenshot of her Koo post on Instagram stories as well.

Her rant didn’t end there, and she further wrote on Instagram, “British gave us slave name India… which literally means east of Indus River. Really would you call a child small nose or second born or worse C section. What kind of a name is this? So rudimentary. Let me tell you meaning of Bharat. It’s made of three Sanskrit words BH (bhav), Ra (rag), ta (tal). Yes that’s who we were before we were enslaved, most culturally and aesthetically evolved civilisation. Every name has a vibration and British knew this they not only gave new names to places but even to people and important monuments. We must regain our lost glory, let’s start with the name Bharat.”

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